The chaise longue (or chaise lounge as sometimes incorrectly written) is thought to originate from Egypt and was the first blend of chair and daybed. Its literal translation into English is ‘Long Chair’ which has now been adapted over the centuries for use in the 21st century for a multiple of uses and is now often incorporated as a modular section within sofas and corner lounge suites.

We offer a multitude of options both as beautiful free-standing pieces of furniture as well as integral units as part of a sofa or suite as described above. We have a range of modern designs such as Vitra’s Suita Daybed by Antonio Citterio as well as period designs such as the classically styled Dormeuse Epoca chair from Fimes.

The chaise longue has also now been adapted for use within commercial environments such as seen with the beautiful soft design lines of the Euforia range designed by Montbel.

The above images represent a small selection of our available product ranges. All of our products are generally available in a wide range of finishes and/or fabrics. Please call us on +44 (0)20 3640 8663 or 07793 844288 to discuss your requirement in further detail or to request a brochure. Alternatively, go to our contact page to e-mail your enquiry.