Our bookcases are available in a variety of timber, lacquer or metal finishes with an option to combine one with the other to create a sophisticated interior with a twist.

Bookcase units are available as free-standing units in standard sizes and configurations or as a systems product with endless permutations that can be designed and built to your exact specification combining additional features for such as a mix of closed door storage or display of object d’art, pictures or tv’s. We have bookcases in their simplest format such as floor standing swivel units spanning the full spectrum up to sophisticated library storage.

The above images represent a small selection of our available product ranges. All of our products are generally available in a wide range of finishes and/or fabrics. Please call us on +44 (0)20 3640 8663 or 07793 844288 to discuss your requirement in further detail or to request a brochure. Alternatively, go to our contact page to e-mail your enquiry.